Dr. Lundgren is a Doctor of Naprapathic Medicine, which is equivalent to a Chiropractor in that he performs manipulation and other forms of Physical Rehabilitation. Dr. Lundgren is exceptionally skilled in a technique called Medical Dry Needling.

Dry needling is based upon the Science of Neurophysiology, and treatment often centers on working with hyperirritable areas of the body known as trigger points, which are located through palpation. To treat a trigger point, Lundgren will insert needles into the skin. In addition to pain alleviation, some other benefits of dry needling include muscle activation and accelerated healing through increased circulation.

Dr. Lundgren is the Director of the AKNA Institute, as well as the CoDeveloper of the FAT Tool Course and Myo Matrix Release Technique. He currently teaches techniques such as Medical Dry Needling, FAT Tool, Myo Matrix Release, Muscletesting, Manual Adjustments, Softtissue Tension Release Technique and Droptable Adjustments worldwide.

He works with general population and has worked with of the Worlds Best Athletes from various sports, such as Track & Field, Icehockey, Soccer, MMA, Wrestling, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding in rehabbing Injuries, optimizing Performance and speeding up Recovery.